Support Amy Trask
for Florida House District 22

Amy Trask is a mom, a wife, a passionate advocate, and public servant. She was adopted into a home that was divided on issues, which taught Amy how to find common solutions while working to build family and community despite differences. 


Soon into her mid-twenties, she ended up a divorced mom to two boys, working three jobs simultaneously whilst taking college classes; she was determined to finish school to show her boys that anything was possible. Wanting to make a difference, she focused on philosophy and ethics, conflict resolution, and civil disagreement. She currently works as a Landscape Analyst for Harvard Safra Center for Ethics.

She knows what it’s like to struggle as a single mother, as a parent, as a student, and as a survivor. She has seen firsthand, from her education and that of her childrens’, the effects of our extremist policies like book banning. 


We need calm in the storm and, as a mother who has fought to be a lighthouse when things are dark, Amy knows how to navigate the waters and get things done.

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